FAQs for Passenger

This may be due to connectivity issue or technical error. You can restart the app to check again. If not, try contacting Wakuk Partner via Chat or Call.
No, we do not have any peak hours charges. Our tag line is “Fixed Pricing All The Time”
You can schedule a ride by clicking ‘Schedule a Ride’ toggle in Ride Request page and Pre-Book ride by providing Date and Time.
No, our system automatically requests trip½ an hour before the ride time.
You can check out the latest fares here- https://wakuk.com/fares
Wakuk calculates fare based on shortest distance and time given by Google Map®, which may differ in actuals because of Traffic and Route selected to reach destination. In General, we try to match the estimated fare shown to customer at the end of trip. If you see the fare increase as an error, kindly contact customer care via Live Chat – 24x7 or Contact Uspage .
Register with Mobile number/email or you can login with social media Facebook or Google.Once you login, Select your pickup & drop location, later select the car type and request for a ride.
On ride request page, click on (i) icon to view complete fare breakdown with applicable taxes.
Not immediately, butcancellation charges will apply only after 5 mins of booking confirmation.
You can connect to the partner via call or chat.
No, you can’t change pickup & drop location after booking, but can ask partner to change the route as our system will automatically append charges according to additional distance travelled.
As of now we do not have this feature we are trying to improve our services once we launch this feature we will share you an update of this app.
Yes, you can book a cab from any location but the pickup location should be from where passenger is starting the ride.
In an Auto, passenger capacity is 4 persons, including driver.
In an Easy cab passenger capacity is 4 persons, including driver.
In Comfort cab passenger capacity is 4 persons,including driver.
In Spacious cab passenger capacity is 6 persons, including driver.
With mutual understanding with Partner, the Passenger can stop the vehicle.
Our 24/7 support team can help you to arrange another cab.
No cancellation charges will be applied to you if partner cancels the ride.
Pets are not allowed as such,but if partners allow you can take ride with your favourite pets.
Yes, our 24/7 support team can help you book a cab.
You can book an outstation cab through App itself, If you want pre-booking you can chat or call our support team they will help you book.
Ans: OUTSTATION Easy - Rs.8.5 per km + Rs.2Per Minute
OUTSTATION Comfort - Rs.11 per km + Rs.2Per Minute
OUTSTATION Spacious - Rs.14 per km + Rs.2Per Minute
No extra charges will be levied per km charges + Time will be calculated. Check this
You can contact our support team they will guide; you just need to provide pickup & drop location with number of days stay. The team will share fare estimate via Email, WhatsApp or Call.
Once you get the fare estimate from our support team and if you agree to our all terms and conditions, you need to pay half the estimated fare upfront via Netbanking or debit/credit card.Once the payment is done you will get the confirmation through Email, WhatsApp or Call &you will be allotted with a partner (Driver).
Our support team will arrange another partner for you or if you seek a refund the amount paid initially will be refunded without any deductions.
Our support team will arrange another cab for you at no extra charge.
Yes,both passengers and partner are covered, we verify all the documents of the partners before we activate their account.
If there is no way to reach the car at your location please cooperate with our partner, If in case purposely he is not pickingfrom or dropping to your exact location you can raise a complaint through our app.
They will be included in the bill no extra charges have to be paid.
Payment options available are Cash, Credit/Debit card, Paytm, Lazypay and all UPI Payments.
We will take legal action against the partner & permanently block the partner.

FAQs for Partner

You can Signup in Wakuk Partner App & Upload the required documents in the App. Our backend team verifies the documents and approves your status, OR if you don’t know how to signup in the app call our partner support team they will arrange our Filed Executives who will assist personally in signup.
Following Documents are required to Enrol in Wakuk
Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
Vehicle Insurance
Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
Vehicle Permit
Traffic Police Verification
Driving License Front side
Driving License Back side
Bank Passbook / Cancelled Cheque
Fitness Certificate
Aadhaar Front side
Aadhaar Back side
Auto - Rs.10 per km
Easy - Rs.11 per km + Rs 1.2 Per Minute
Comfort- Rs.13per km + 1.8Per Minute
Spacious - Rs.18 per km + Rs 2.5Per Minute

OUTSTATION Easy - Rs.8.5 per km + Rs.2Per Minute
OUTSTATION Comfort - Rs.11 per km + Rs.2Per Minute
OUTSTATION Spacious - Rs.14 per km + Rs.2Per Minute
Auto - Base Fare Rs.20 and Minimum Fare Rs.30
Easy - Base Fare Rs.25 and Minimum Fare Rs.40
Comfort- Base Fare Rs.55 and Minimum Fare Rs.80
Spacious - Base Fare Rs.80 and Minimum Fare Rs.120

OUTSTATION Easy - Base Fare Rs.25 and Minimum Fare Rs.1000
OUTSTATION Comfort - Base Fare Rs.55 and Minimum Fare Rs.1500
OUTSTATION Spacious - Base Fare Rs.80 and Minimum Fare Rs.2000
There is No Commission charged per trip we charge based on Subscription Model Starting at Rs. 49 per day, If we are able to give business above Rs.300.If no trips are Provided No Subscription Charges will be deducted.
No Registration charges at Wakuk.
Yes you can enroll in Both Local and in Outstation service.
No cancellation charges for the partner if you reject more than 3 rides in a day but it may lead you to get your account blocked.
If the ride is of cash mode you will receive the amount directly from the passenger, if the ride is of online payment then you will get creditin your account within 24hours.
Our Billing cycle is once you complete ride you will receive the payment within 24hours of time.
No You can’t you need get registered with two different accounts.
Yes, car owner can become our partner.
Yes you can enrol in taking only airport rides but if you are in city and if you get any ride, you need to accept those rides too.
Parking & Toll Charges will be included in customer bill, To exit from the Airport partner has to pay the amount.
Wakuk will pay you the parking charges, if within that time if you get a ride from Wakuk no charges will be Paid by Wakuk.
In the App go to Menu —> Click on Help you will find Call / Chat option from there you initiate, raise the issue our Partner Support Team will help you with a solution.
No as of now we do not provide any Joining Bonus to our partners.
Yes we will be running incentive offers based on Day, Week, Month etc.
You should arrange it on your own, it is not included in the package, if customer provides you its an added advantage for you.
Yes, for Outstation trips we quote customer to pay two-way charges.
Yes you can take its you choice, but in middle of the ride you cannot take any other passengers.
Yes you get half the amount of the ride. Once you complete the ride we will pay you the remaining amount within 24hours.
In the App go to Menu —> Click on Help button you will find Call / Chat and email option to connect with our partner support team.